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All Finished!

2011-03-29 16:31:46 by Horang

finished Song 2! the old song 2 is now song one and this is song two I'm calling it Haunted

Starting up work on a new song!

2011-03-29 15:32:11 by Horang

Starting work on a new song using my electric piano. I might add in guitar, might not :D. I hope any of you looking at this out there likes it when i release it!

2 Songs done!!!

2011-02-17 21:07:37 by Horang

Wohoo! Finished song #1 and #2! Im currently attempting to convert them into proper newgrounds files, so ill keep yall posted!

Song 2 has been submitted with the name " Fly Away Hearts "! Now to wait for approval!
Song 1 is currently in progress due to errors in switching to a .mp3!

Looking for requests!

2011-02-17 17:40:21 by Horang

Had a small kink in my programs so i had to start fresh! If your making a flash, or such, please send me a request for a song! if i can manage to make it then ill do my best!